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Many New Yorkers simply don't have the room for a full-size dining table, but having a dinner party with half your guests at a table and the rest on the couch is hardly ideal either. Brooklyn-based Ecosystems' Bada table provides the best of both by a 10

Riding lawn mower

Amazing Bike Lawn Mowers, article by Warren McLaren on Treehugger. Too funny. I believe that when I saw one of these in some old friends yard ( you know who you are), it was called, A Redneck Lawnmower.

Smart Furniture by Bae Se-hwa  article

/ The amazing furniture works of Bae Se-hwa, - As You Want/Couple Chair is a tidy, clever piece of multifunctional furniture.

Pour la maison

This is a pretty great system. This might be an idea for the living area partition. Sliding door, room divider design could be adapted to look more Asian to suit individual styles rather than Oriental style in the photo.


Trendy Good Ideas / Space Saving = Reminiscent of a piece you might find in an old school cafeteria, our Galvin Cafeteria Table offers table space and seating all in one piece.

#furniture_coolest idea ever! Gives a little color, but also provides tuck away furniture- wonder how good the quality is though

idea ever! Gives a little color, but also provides tuck away furniture!_wounder how good the quality is though sturdy? This would be awesome for kids/teens - or even in schools!

Það væri fínt að eiga svona, fer ekki mikið fyrir þessu.

Mesa rebatible - - Il Tavolo Mastro / Studio Gumdesign Масштабировать Фото This is such a cool idea. Can't manufacture a metal top but could it be adapted to wood top with metal chanel to slide legs into? hmm something to muse