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"Estel" "Strider" Aragorn son of Arathorn, King Elessar Telcontar of Gondor and Arnor.

I couldnt' find the exact scene - it's the one where Aragorn rides away from Eowyn and then looks back at her before he rides into batte.

By. Alice X Zhang

Stunning Illustrations by Alice X. Zhang (Lord of the Rings, Viggo Mortensen) Aragon strider

Sam defiantly does not get enough credit- but to be honest, he doesn't need it. We already know how great he is.

Frodo would have been screwed without Sam.but more importantly, I think Sam is the real hero of the story. Frodo had to carry the ring, but Sam carried Frodo.<--Samwise IS the real hero of the story according to Tolkien.

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Aragorn's speech at the Black Gate of Mordor. Arguably the greatest pre-battle speech in movie history.

Eowyn kicks Ass!!!

One of my favorite quotes! Movie Quote of the Day - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, 2003 (dir.

Lotr love quote.

Arwen to Aragorn (Liv Tyler, Viggo Mortenssen)~ 'I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.'-courtesy Lord of the Rings: Two Towers.now that is a declaration few men could resist.

I've never thought of it that way, but I love it!

"I've always thought that Boromir was portrayed as men are and Aragorn as men must be." <-- Never thought about that!

We don't do unexpected parties. . .

Hobbits - making social anxiety fun and charming. Not that introverts means having social anxiety simply that I do tend to struggle with that when I'm in a depressive episode.