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Cause if u are it's ok I don't want u to get the wrong impression about me

maze runner funny - Szukaj w Google

The maze runner cast Minho (ki Hong Lee) Thomas (Dylan O'brien ) newt (Thomas sangster ) Teresa ( Kaya scodelario ) alby (aml ameen) gally will poulter ) correct me if I'm wrong>>AW THEYRE ALL SU CUTE!


Excuse me sir, your steroids are touching me. Humorous guys in the subway.


Funny pictures about What do you call a Mexican old man? Oh, and cool pics about What do you call a Mexican old man? Also, What do you call a Mexican old man?

9 Hilarious Park Bench Memorial Plaques (PICTURES)

9 Hilarious Park Bench Dedications

“In memory of Roger Bucklesby who hated this park and everyone in it” sounds like the best park bench plaque ever… but is it real?

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young ..."we are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon".

The inner light that shows in how you behave, give, help others, are a good friend, and generally stay in the light and block the darkness.

something every rattie parent has been through at least once. Lol

♥ Small Pets ♥ Hahaha, our rats favorite foods are spiral pasta & sugar snap peas (we have to open the pod for him)

<3 although, some ARE achieve greatness? Obvious grammar mistake.

The only way someone could make an epic quote even better <<< I was reading this so seriously with kilgarah's voice n stuff & chocked at the last picture! The only part that's annoying "Some are achieve greatness." I hate it when typos ruin great things!