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The Ghost of Christmas Future Perfect Passive !

You will have been disappointed with the life." - The Ghost of Christmas Future Perfect Passive (from Savage Chicken)

Brilliant.Must remember this trick when helping my young writers with their homework or creative writing.

How to ID passive voice. If you can insert "by zombies" after the verb, you have passive voice. "She was killed (by zombies)" - passive voice. "Zombies killed (by zombies)" - active voice.

Conventions- passive voice; I was a tutor last semester, and this was on my desk one morning...

I was a tutor last semester, and this was on my desk one morning...

Verb Tenses

For ELL students adults and kids English tenses illustration: past, present, future (simple, progressive, perfect)

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Revise how to form the Passive voice and the different structures here Previous entries on the " Passive Voice " Label, for instanc.

Truth. Overly Honest Scientists. :: My other favorite: "I can't get that data for you because I don't remember my Excel filenames."

Overly honest Scientists

That one about the centrifuge making scary noises, its funny because it's so true!

Star Trek Christmas

Have a Trekkie Christmas, y'all. I live in Denmark, it's basically summer for two weeks and winter the rest of the time. And Christmas starts in September. Now, Spock: What's most illogical now?

This joke about dating: | 19 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You're A Grammar Nerd

19 Jokes All Grammar Nerds Will Appreciate

Are you a grammar nerd? If so, you& appreciate these jokes and puns. Don& be ashamed of your geekiness. Your English teacher would be proud!