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You might be a redneck if:  Your family reunion produces family portraits that look like this one.

Get a 3 Dogs 1 Smile funny picture from Dogs. You can get dozens of other funny pictures from Dogs. Here are some samples of funny words: dogs, smile

If you go after your dreams and goals the way your dog goes after his you will accomplish great things. Learn to be a better dog owner and see the world through his eyes www.mastersdegreedogtraining.com

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“Photographer Seth Casteel has definitely taken animal photography to new heights – or depths – with his hilarious photos of dogs chasing balls underwater. Casteel, who, naturally, has two dogs of his own (a mini Labradoodle and a Norwich terrier).

DIY dog shampoo for dry, itchy skin    Many pet owners struggle with their puppy’s dry skin problems. This simple recipe will help alleviate scratching and discomfort: Mix 1 cup lemon dish detergent with 1 cup white vinegar and 1/3 cup glycerin. Stir the mixture into 1 quart water. Use as you would any other hair cleanser. Store your homemade dog shampoo in a clean bottle for future use.

DIY dog shampoo, flea treatment and skunk destinker. I'll definitely try the flea treatment on Rex!

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What do you get when you combine the most iconic sign of winter and curious wildlife? You get 25 Adorable Photos of Animals in the Snow.

Chilean street dogs - Perros callejeros de Chile

Chilean street dogs - Perros callejeros de Chile

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All animals are like this.... In all shapes and forms... they all love.

Through the good and the bad in life, at the end of the road there will always be your dog as your loyal best friend. This quote is so true in my life, I live for the simple things- and my dog is one of girl boy pet