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Doc. Escultor ! Alfonso Castro Rivas

Doc. Escultor ! Alfonso Castro Rivas

And i want it.

Funny pictures about Preserved Dinosaur Foot. Oh, and cool pics about Preserved Dinosaur Foot. Also, Preserved Dinosaur Foot.

Geek street art

Geek street art ~love so many of these.love the colored pencil fence, love the Mario & pipes, so many:)))

I know there's a link here for more funny kid stuff, but this picture!  holy lord, I can't stop laughing (and being grateful that these aren't my | http://cartoon215.blogspot.com

I died laughing: 27 Reasons Why Kids Are Actually The Worst. Maybe I don't want kids.I mean I do want to live. With these pictures and videos they may kill me!

WTF! Don’t do it!

People of McDonalds (Walmart's fat little cousin) If you think people at Walmart are crazy wait until you see this. Remember, McDonalds people are often travelers, so anything goes. I will never eat inside a fast food place again

In the small town of Ashland, Pennsylvania, Route 61 takes an unexplained detour; a “Keep Out” sign straddles the original highway. Ignore the warning and you'll arrive in the abandoned town of Centralia, where an underground mine fire has been burning since 1962 when residents accidentally ignited a vein of anthracite coal. Despite efforts stop the fire it still burns today and could burn for 250 years. Been here!

Abandoned Town of Centralia, Pennsylvania

The abandoned town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, has been condemned since an underground fire broke out in 1962

LMAO!  I'm dying!  Can't stop laughing!

If I were life guarding and I saw this I would die laughing lol then proceed to tell her she may have put her swimsuit on backwards lol! But only after laughing and texting all my friends. horrible, but true lol!

Mama and daddy at the same dam time!

Walmart called — Your Photos Are Ready