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Worksheets: School Words in Spanish

School Words in Spanish

What kinds of words to we use in the Spanish classroom? Build your vocabulary with this list of school-related words in Spanish.

Fifth Grade Foreign Language Worksheets: Sentences in Spanish

Sentences in Spanish

Fifth grade Spanish worksheets get your fifth grader to conjugate, learn practical vocabulary, and translate. Try fifth grade Spanish worksheets with your kid.

Worksheets: Instruments in Spanish

Instruments in Spanish

Want to be a bilingual musician? Learn how to pronounce and spell your favorite musical instruments in Spanish!

Worksheets: Spanish School Words

Spanish School Words

Or maybe it's "Tiempo para la escuela." Practice your school-related Spanish vocabulary with this worksheet.

Worksheets: Nouns in Spanish

Nouns in Spanish

Did you know that in the Spanish language, nouns have a gender? Learn when to use the articles "el" or "la" with nouns in Spanish.

Worksheets: School Supplies in Spanish

School Supplies in Spanish

Your child spends all day with school supplies like pencils, crayons and books. See if she knows the Spanish words for these items.