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Of the planet's roughly 400 billion trees, we go out on a limb to root for our 10 favorites.

Blue Tang garden wind sculpture turns with the slightest breeze

Blue Tang garden wind sculpture turns with the slightest breeze would like birds and insects too. Fish people will get it- can't put blue fish in with a blue tang.

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Biomass & Thermal Power: 25 Cutting-Edge Designs

Crop-based biofuels (not MSB): Model of the Carbon cycle, which shows the how all the carbon produced in making biofuels is then consumed by the growing plants that are then harvested to make biofuels.

Green Goddess Emporium

Herb as medicine was just becoming popular back in the - But they were not called witches they were Grand-mother and Grand-daughters who kept the family traditions and stayed away from man made junk that is now killing Americans by the bus load every day.

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A new study finds marine animals are faring better than their terrestrial cousins, but that could change if we don't act now.