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medieval arches

a row of arches is called an arcade; an arcade built over a solid wall is called a blind arcade.

chapter 8  dog tooth motif. Motifs were used in churches and were usually identified by an emblem or attribute. The dog tooth was a four leaves that radiated from a central point.

The dog tooth motif was a four-leaved ornament that radiant from a central point and that had a rub on each of the lobes.

“If You Get The Scale Right, Space Stops Being Space to Become...

“If You Get The Scale Right, Space Stops Being Space to Become...

Detail of elaborate and slightly grotesque stone carvings on a medieval English cathedral. Perfect for history buffs and Anglophiles. Original travel photography by Tammy Winand.

Shop Grotesque Medieval Church Details Postcard created by crypticfragments.

Scale The visitation. Reims cathedral. West portal. Rayonnant/ mid gothic period.

…Well, maybe one of the most beautiful, certainly one of the most beautiful I’ve never visited, is the Cathedral of Reims.


Minimalist House // Love the bold contrast of the rich wood, crisp white walls paired w/ glass to focus privacy while still allowing natural light into this dramatic hallway at the FF House / Hernandez Silva Arquitectos. Loving the floor windows