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Black locust tree

Black locust tree blossom: the fragerance is awesome.the most sought-after nectar source in TN Blooms in spring! really pretty tree

The flowers of the black locust. Black locust is not native to the coastal plain of Virginia, but was exported by the native population for use in making bows and other objects in pre-European-contact North America. Black locust now has the widest worldwide distribution of any North American tree because once you have one you will, in short order, have many, for it is a prolific seeder and one of the first species to colonize a disturbed site.

Black Locust: The Tree on Which the US Was Built

The iron-like wood of the black locust once provided strength to the U. Navy, while its fragrant blossoms brought ornament to the gardens of Washington and Jefferson — yet today, few Americans have seen one.

Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia 7

Know as "False Acacia" this small group of trees are grown for their pretty foliage and sprays of pea-like, scented flowers which are a good source of nectar

Vernonia gigantea (Giant ironweed) I have some and can at least try to collect seeds or transplant one. Grows very tall and blooms late summer early fall

Amsonia tabernaemontana (Eastern bluestar) | NPIN

Amsonia tabernaemontana (Eastern bluestar) | NPIN

Plant of the Week: Dwarf crested iris

The High Line's planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that grew up between rail tracks after the trains stopped running in the

Close up of Eastern Red-Cedar Berries by yours truly. Eastern red-cedar is one of the few native evergreen #trees in Indiana. #tree #evergreen

Eastern Red Cedar (berries) along with Yellowwood Tree and Tulip Poplar - state trees of Tennessee

Heuchera americana (American alumroot) - read the NPIN entry.  Sounds like a nice, versatile plant.

Heuchera americana (American alumroot) - read the NPIN entry. Sounds like a nice, versatile plant.

Robinia neomexicana (New mexico locust) #24292

Robinia neomexicana (New mexico locust)

Picture of red chestnut tree. As the photo shows, red chestnut tree's flowers live up to the name.

Types of Flowering Trees

Which Trees Will Bambi Generally Leave Alone?: A List of Deer-Resistant Trees: Evergreen, Flowering, Foliage Choices