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Flynn from Tangled! Keep Calm!

Flynn Rider :D I'd like to keep calm but they just can't get my nose right!

Boom... childhood ruined!

Another childhood ruined…

Another childhood ruined // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - Well that ruined my childhood.

I actually love the movie tangled way more than frozen... So plz dont kill me!!!

Loved Tangled over Frozen. SO much better. Tangled was back on par with Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid etc! Not A Popular Opinion, Apparently <<< I think people only like Frozen more because it's newer.

My man fits almost all of these. He fits all the ones I want, and that's what matters.

15 Things On My Disney Boyfriend Wish List. (Someone pointed out that this basically describes Thor.)<---OMG yes! Thor is the perfect boyfriend!

Woohoo, Lucy. Hanz will betray you. Watch Frozen. It proves my point.

Top 30 Best Frozen Quotes and Pics

Hanz will betray you. It proves my point. Do I put this in frozen or minions board?

This is the best part of the movie. It's quoted a lot in my family.

This is like my favorite part of the entire movie. The old Cupid is like my favorite part of the entire movie.

How I reAct when my friends say they want to get back with their ex. I mean really? Isn't that the reason why he or she's your ex in the first place?

31 Times Tumblr Had Serious Questions About Disney

Flynn Rider: a realistic Disney male character. Though to be fair I'd say Shang and Kristoff are pretty realistic too.

Nani from Lilo and Stitch

i would like to take a moment to thank nani pelekai for being one of the first disney women to ever look like an actual human being.

XD LOL!!! Let's get down with business to defeat the Hans XD

I watched Mulan last night and heard Hans! "Let's go defeat Hans! Who is this Hans?