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Don't turn round!! #boden #magicalmenagerie

Author and editor Rayne Hall gives ideas for writing scary scenes in a novel.


Thomas Chéné

"Now, if you would be so kind as to let out a sight psych pulse so that we could measure your frequency." Kate slowly turned to look at them, smiling coldly. Then, with a simple blink, the wires popped off her head and the machine exploded.

Everyone got a bad feeling when the CIA started hooking Director Griffin up to the lie detector. That bad feeling turned to awe as Griffin fooled the worlds best lie detector without blinking.

(DONE! but locally. I'd like to go somewhere international!) go to a place that has been abandoned. Terra Encantada, Rio de Janeiro's Abandoned Amusement Park | Untapped Cities

Terra Encantada, Rio de Janeiro’s Abandoned Amusement Park

#fog #creepy

This photo was taken on August 2011 in Pokrovskoye, Sverdlovskaya Oblast, RU, using a Rolleiflex by Anton Novoselov

Mystery Setting

Mystery Setting