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Vkook is real

Wat if he was checkin some pics or sumthin? I mean i do support Vkook tho!

This is BTS everyone. And that's my bias! the one and only that's smol bean grandpa || Allkpop meme center

This is BTS everyone.

This is BTS everyone. the one and only that smol bean grandpa

Jhope here to pick up his naughty kids xD

Hobie is here to pick up his naughty kids xD

bts memes - Google Search

So very true, taehyung is both. He's an alien wherever he is. He's a very dedicated alien :)

Hidden talents

yoongi is me when my family asks things about me.

BTS V #kpopmacro

When Baekhyun's son was turned down on buying eyeliner .