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This is a matching activity that can be used in a small group, whole class or as a scavenger hunt.  Students will have to match binomial factors to quadratic expressions.  There is no common denominator.  Perfect square trinomials and difference of squares is covered.
These foldable notes are great for use in interactive notebooks!  Factoring can be difficult for algebra students. Hopefully, these notes will help them by providing structure to the process.   The foldable includes notes and examples to "Find the GCF", "Special Cases", "Factor Trinomials", "Factor by Grouping", and "Avoid Common Errors/Issues".
Match standard form with vertex form of quadratics equations
When teaching bills to my students, I first give them all a bill to look at. We discuss sections of the bill as a class so that each student is fam...
Here is a FREE (for now:) poster linking the parts of a parabola to the questions students will be asked when solving quadratic word problems...
Solving Square Root Equations, using multiple representations. TI-Nspire and TI-84.
BACK TO SCHOOL SCAVENGER HUNT 8TH GRADE MATH (TASK CARDS) This product is a 30-question scavenger hunt where students can practice solving problems: two step equations, operations with integers, fractions, and decimals, and order of operations with integers, decimals, and fractions. ♦ MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT ♦ BACK TO SCHOOL SCAVENGER