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Altoid pocket tackle Box. Huck Finn fished with just a stick and a string. So while having a full-sized tackle box is nice, it’s certainly not necessary. Especially if you’re going backpacking and want to try your hand at catching your own dinner along the way.

22 Ways to Reuse an Altoids Tin

Do you love fishing? If you do, then you will love this mini tackle box made with just an altoids tin and a couple popsicle sticks. This tacklebox will have 6 storage areas for all of your hooks, line, and sinkers (No pun intended).

Knowing what to put inside these empty tins and when to keep them on hand could save a person’s life!

If you're anything like me, you can't leave the house without pack of mints. I don't care if it's gum, Tic Tacs, or those weird Listerine strips that are somehow still around, I just need something on hand to keep my breath smelling fresh.

DIY: Altoids Tin Bicycle Essentials Kit | Bicycle Times Magazine    Possible First Aid Kit Idea

Simon fell off of his bike and got a huge scrape! I put rubbing alcohol and a bandaid on it and sent him on his way with a hug!

Altoid Tin First Aid Kit | Sophie's World

First Responder (Cub Scout Webelos Adventure) - Altoid Tin First Aid Kit…