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$195 per night, for 7 guests

Blessings Cabin-Holmes Co. OHIO All rooms are fully-furnished with hand-crafted furniture from a local merchant, Praire Lane Furniture


"Feel free to try any or all of these wonderful Amish recipes. You'll find that it's not so hard to enjoy wholesome, hearty, home-cooked meals after all.

WOOD FROM NOAH'S ARK? Researchers standing with a large piece of pitch covered petrified wood believed to be part of Noah's Ark. In Turkey, there is a site believed to be the final resting place of the Ark. Underground Scans  have revealed a man made structure which lies at the bottom of Mt. Ararat. The scans detected iron rivets evenly spaced below the ground. When measured, the length of the ship MATCHES  the description given in the Bible! Side to side, and front to back.

Wood from Noah's Ark? Scans reveal a man made structure under Mt. Ararat who's dimensions match the dimensions in the Bible.

Simple cabin with everything you need : Cabin Life - Affordable Housing Deluxe Granny Flat - Portable Cabins 2013

Granny flat, relocatable, timber cabins to accommodate friends family and kids.

The Cave of Elijah, located at the foot of Mt Carmel in Israel, is one of the most sacred caves in the Holy Land. According to ancient tradition of all faiths it was one of the places where the prophet Elijah lived and hid while in the wilderness 29 centuries ago. Christians also believe it to be sacred, since Jesus and his family hid there while escaping King Herod. Around the entrance to the cave are buildings, built 120 years ago, which served as a hostel. Visitors come here to pray…

The Cave of Elijah the Prophet in Israel faces the threat that its inscriptions may be defaced or destroyed by modern visitors whom crowd into it daily and cannot keep their hands to themselves.

Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center - Learn about the history of the Amish and Mennonites

Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center - This place seems as if it will be interesting.

Turkey Ridge Lodge 1, Hocking Hills

Turkey Ridge Lodge is a beautiful lodge in the Hocking Hills. Not quite like your typical cabin. We are a premier lodge in the Hocking Hills.