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canalis inguinalis - Hledat Googlem

canalis inguinalis - Hledat Googlem

Muscle Identification

Why do shoulder problems affect the rest of the body? Many of the muscles that attach onto the shoulder girdle also attach onto the: Neck (Levator Scapulae, Upper Trapezius, Sternocleidomastoid) Mid Back (Rhomboids, Trapezius) Lower Back (Latissimus Dor

Facial muscles #body #health #anatomy

Facial muscles #body #health #anatomy

ANATOMIA: Músculos de los hombros. Unidad Especializada en Ortopedia y Traumatologia www.unidadortopedia.com PBX: 6923370 Bogotá, Colombia.

Carlsbad Boot Camp - Back Muscles

Effective Hip Flexor Stretch: Tips And Tricks To Improve Massage Success

Muscles that move the Femur. These muscles are larger and more powerful than those of the upper limb because they provide stability, enable locomotion and maintain posture.

lower extremity

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thoracic cage rib cage ribs true false sternum

Important Things we need to know about Human Skeleton Sternum .

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Eye Anatomy, a beautiful sketch


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Here are some types of joints and how they differ in the body depending on the function! This affects how we treat them. #performancepodphysio

"Types of synovial joints and their models" Infographic