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Nuclear weapon of Ancient Babylon 古代バビロンの核兵器の証拠 - YouTube

Discovery of Great Importance from Ancient Babylon! The story of this discovery begins the summer of one of ranking official who owned a large private collection of artifacts from Mesopotamia which had never been made available to the academic.

The Powerful #Enki: Epic #Sumerian, Babylonian, and #Akkadian Deity

The Powerful Enki: Epic Sumerian, Babylonian, and Akkadian Deity

What you are viewing is a 6000 year old image of a space ship carved on stone.

Sumerian seal (approximately - 4000 before J.C) The "Annunaki" Sumerian myths, "those who descended from heaven to earth" were aliens from an unknown planet in our solar system.

The Ras Shamra was a script that was 30 letters that look a lot like cuneiform because of the pointed and style. It was eventually condensed into 22 letters. Was written right to left because it was convenient to right that way with chisels.

Ras-Shamra script (from the ancient city of Ugarit), 1500 B. used for bureaucratic and commercial documents, myth and legends, the Ras Shamra script, reducing cuneiform to a mere 32 characters.

Ancient mystery evidence of ancient nuclear explosion in India estimated over 8000 years ago

Ancient mystery: Not sure I believe the nuclear explosion part, but the mass deaths still seem unexplained by the experts.

Elektromagnetna polja i isceljujuće moći bosanskih piramida

Rich Hoyle, Contributor, Waking Times Featured image: Artistic impression of the non visible wide EM beam emanating from the Pyramid of the…

Found: King Anunnaki’s Body, 12,000 Years Old And Completely Intact | Fabweb

Tisulsky Princess - Dziewczynka w trumnie - jest co najmniej 800 milionów lat!

Exceptional Discovery: The Body of King Anunnaki For 12,000 Years Completely Intact | World Truth.TV

Iran 3 tombs Not far from the place of the sarcophagus found buried underground town with lots of books The sarcophagus found five boo.