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Dogs: MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES BY DOGS #11: With a good, comfortable night's rest you shall conquer the world.

This is exactly how me and Grandma sleep!

Why, yes..yes I will!

its pitbull awareness month

Pinterest ☼☽ emyasmin ☾☼

Pinterest ☼☽ emyasmin ☾☼

eStES cAmARaDiNhAs... sensacionalmente legais!

This is my favorite ball. Can't you tell by my giant pittie smile?

Wearing his Sunday's best along side his loyal companion a #Pitbull

PIT BULL NANNY: For over a hundred years, pit bulls used to be referred to as “the nanny dog” and their main job was as babysitters. The, the breed changed.

easy face painting for kids | ... amanda destro pierson posted in animal face painting designs boy face

Posts about Boy Face Painting Designs on Amanda's Elaborate Eyes Face & Body Painting

"I'm Evelyn, you can call me Erin if you want." "I'm 18 and single, I'm not that normal teen." I laugh "I'm weird, so watch out." "Intro?"

open, she's taken- jessica:: she grins as she walks her new puppy, scout. a boy walks over and leans down, petting the dog gently and scratching his ears.

Bull Terrier 1910, colección C.H.

Bull Terrier colección C.These dogs were baby sitters of this era.

(99+) african pygmy hedgehog | Tumblr

Beautiful Pit Bull Princess Looks like my doggie