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Create a closed aquatic ecosystem

How to Make a Closed Aquatic Ecosystem. A closed aquatic ecosystem is similar to an aquarium, only it is closed to the outside world so that all the needs of life must be met by the plants and animals within the system.

shrimp and snail Biosphere. I like this and wow the kids love it. This is a jar full of surprises and kids line up for it.

Make: Biosphere -- Three years and counting!

shrimp and snail Biosphere. This is a jar full of surprises and kids line up for it.

The EcoSphere Store: Closed Ecosystem, Self Contained Aquarium These are so cool!

EcoSphere: Self Contained Aquarium // "contains 3 to 4 shrimp, algae, bacteria and other microorganisms, creating a completely balanced ecosystem capable of supporting and sustaining life within.

Feeding Nine on a Dime!: Self Cleaning-Glass Jar Aquarium (Post A)

Upcycle an old jar or modify an existing fish bowl to make a self-cleaning tank! Drill a hole near the top of the jar or fish bowl. Insert a rubber tube through the hole and into the base of the jar o