Asa Butterfield--Ender's Game

For when he's older- Connan TreMellyn (Asa Butterfield) from Mistress of Mellyn by Victoria Holt

Asa Butterfield

Thanks god for making a boy so cute, adorable,nice etc like Asa Butterfield.

Asa Butterfield, OH what a love spell this young man has me under but i love being under this spell.

Asa Butterfield for Young Aidan Aelius-Valentinus. Youngest child and only son of Valerie Aelius and Samuel Valentinus, Younger Brother of Rachael, Dahliah and Morgana. Grandson of Viktoriana Valentinus and Alysanne Blackston.

Asa Butterfield

Love him so much. Called a girl on her birthday to say sorry he couldn't make it to her party. Worlds sweetest guy.