What amazing eyes, like the sky on a summer's day...

falulu: “ flyandfamousblackgirls: “ Little Girl in Gambia ” @ people who don’t think dark people can’t have blue or green eyes naturally ”

So sweet

Bodi Tribe Baby Asleep With Coffee Bean Hairstyle, Hana Mursi, Omo Valley, Ethiopia © Eric Lafforgue

de prachtige imperfectie van sproeten | read | i-D

de prachtige imperfectie van sproeten

Photographer Brock Elbank talks to us about his new series of portraits documenting the freckled faces of the world. LARK AND WREN

The Blacklist Polo Club

Close-up I chose this picture because it doesn't have a background. I like this picture because of the different colors in the eye. I think I will try something similar to this when we use color film.

Mi Universar: Las apariencias engañan

Optical Illusion are always fun to watch. Many of the optical Illusions will twist our mind. Here are few of such optical Illusions to twist your mind.