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Diamante de Gould                                                       …

Gouldian Finch- the red headed males have more testosterone, black headed males are not as aggressive & therefore live longer

Striped manakin (Machaeropterus regulus)

Striped Manakin, a small South American birdie (Photo by Juan Ochoa)

I'm in awe of the way the colors and textures of the bird and the plant look as if they were designed to go together.  #BuenosDiasATodos #FelizViernes

There is nothing more beautiful, more perfect than what the artist who created all of the Universe, has given us.

Their colors are amazing! I have never seen these birds, nor do I know what they are or where they come from.

These are love birds ( well not technically love bird species, but very much in love ) ❤❤

OMG! Bi colored peacock!

10 Stunning Albino Animals -- a semi-albino peacock, how beautiful!