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American Bully Classic is same as American Bully Standard. But Classic Bullies are have a lighter body frames and the Overall mass of this bully is very less

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Stunning solid blue and blue/white puppies. Sired by son of Valglo singing the blues clear.

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AugieDogzPitbulls, Blue American Pitbulls, Loogootee, IN- Looks like a doggie body builder.

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Do you love pit bull dogs as your pet? If yes here are the Information's, pictures, training and video's about pit bull dogs breeds.


I'd adopt this stunning albino pit bull in a heart beat! Portraits of Absolutely Adorable Albino Animals!

Beautiful blue nose

Blue pit bull dog - omg i always wonder if this is what my pittie looked like as a puppy!

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Are you Pit bull lovers? If Yes Read the five types of Pit bull Breeds that are really popular right now. This list of Pit bull breed is very famous because of