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Blue Tiger Centipede Scolopendra polymorpha 'Blue' (bugldy99)

The World's Best Photos of centipede and scolopendra

Blue And Red Grasshopper

Blue And Red Grasshopper; I don't like bugs, but man, is this cool.

Scolopendra morsitans

Photographs of Centipedes to Make Your Skin Crawl

Biting poisonous centipedes, the only reason I dont want to move to Maui!!!!

Chinese Red-Headed Centipede - Scolopendra subspinipes mutilans - Found in East Asia and Australasia, this centipede is of the family Scolopendridae. It averages cm) in length and lives in damp environments


The Twig Spider (Ariamnes sp.) omg they even look like twigs!