Botanical plate, Lily of the Valley - 1885

Vintage Ephemera: Botanical plate, Lily of the Valley - 1885

Free antique clover/shamrock botanical illustration. Oxalis acetosella -

Oxalis acetosella or common wood sorrel. In Finnish, this edible green is known as käenkaali or ketunleipä/Wikipedia. Look like the wild clover we have that grows like a weed mixed in with our grass

Busch-Windröschen (Anemone nemorosa)

Anemone nemorosa L.

hanga gallery . . . torii gallery: Magnolia by Kawarazaki Shodo

Magnolia by Kawarazaki Shodo Japanese - Most of his woodblock prints were published in the when there was a strong demand for handmade Japanese woodblock prints by the American occupation forces (petitcabinetdecuriosites via barsan)

Annales d'horticulture et de botanique, ou Flore des jardins du royaume des Pays-Bas vol.4 (1861)

Peony from "Annales d'horticulture et de botanique, ou Flore des jardins du…

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botanical print lily of the valley 2

Convallaria majalis L. (Liliaceae family), from Flora Regni Borussici, vol.1, t.33, by A.G. Dietrich, 1832-33

Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley). Plate from ‘Flora Regni Borussici.’ Published 1833 by Verlag von Ludwig Ochmigke

jomobimo:    Alpine Botanical: Alpen-Flora für Touristen und Pflanzenfreunde,1904.

Lloydia serotina, Paradisia liliastrum, Erythronium dens-canis, Lilium carniolicum, Gagea liottardi - From "Scientific Illustration"

1955 Lily of the Valley Antique Print Vintage by Craftissimo

1955 Lily of the Valley, Antique Print, Vintage Botanical Lithograph, Convallaria majalis, Maiglöckchen, Botany

Vegetable prints Set of 4 prints Four seasons by lucileskitchen

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