Pinturas de Emile Vernon!

'The Rose Girl' ~ Émile Vernon was a French artist born in the mid He lived worked in London as well as in Paris. Vernon specialised in painting portraits.

girl in blue dress with pink roses in her hands

Frances Isabelle Lockwood Brundage was an American illustrator best known for her depictions of attractive and endearing children on postcards, .

Official title unknown -- by Francois Martin-Kavel (1861-1931, French); portrait of a beauty, framed oil on canvas under glass.

***KAVEL, FRANCOIS MARTIN <br> French) Portrait of a beauty, framed oil on canvas under glass, approximate image x frame x signed lower right.

Guglielmo Zocchi, I especially love the curtain in the background

Coisas de Terê : Foto “A Good Read” - Guglielmo Zocchi (Italian, Oil on canvas.

Émile Vernon (French painter, 1872-1919)

Émile Vernon was a French fine arts painter. Studying at the School of Fine Arts Tours in the Loire Valley, France, he won his first design award in Encouraged by this success, he moved to