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Burn the book if you can't turn the page... NEVER GO BACK TO WHAT BROKE YOU AND GIVE IT A SECOND CHANCE TO KILL YOU....

Turn the page. Close the book, then burn it.

To whoever's reading this... maybe it's your turn now too...  . . . . . #CiciB #thecrimsonkiss #writersofig

It's almost as if a long lost friend told me this message today. Thanks buddy

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A very accurate description of my new life! A Loving, stress free, happy normal!


Happy/sad thoughts A help for narcissistic sociopath relationship survivors.

You need to be strong even i he never looks back. You dont  look back even if he does. Turn your back on him like he did you

It's so hard letting go of someone you thought was your soulmate. Even in the dark times, he was still the light of my life. Choosing to let go is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

It still breaks me every time I just think of you being with her. That's what hurts the most. Not that you moved on but that you chose her.

Frankly, it kills me every single night. But it seems that you have moved on so I guess I should try to do the same.

This is exactly how I have felt and still feel to a certain extent!!!

Even when I realized I couldn't trust you I had already given so much of me it didn't seem fair to walk away with nothing

"A soul mate for me is a refuge. Like building your home on a solid rock overlooking a beautiful scene. Life is challenging, having a safe harbor from which to explore and return--is priceless. Its always having a home.

"For all of the women who have lost and found themselves a million times, only to lose and find themselves all over again." | Post and caption taken from my third book 'Lost And Found: The Book Of Short Stories | available directly through the link in my bio, and across all Amazon channels ONLY . . #CiciB #thecrimsonkiss

U either choose romantic love which is the fake butterfly feeling in your stomach at the beginning of the relationship or the real painful yet beautiful way to love someone who you really care about