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Noseeum Bite Treatment (with Pictures) | eHow

Noseeum Bite Treatment (with Pictures)

"The Sanibel Stoop" Picking up shells on the world famous beaches of Sanibel, Florida ..I spent a week here every winter during my childhood..heaven!

๑ Sanibel Shelling ๑ — "The Sanibel Stoop" Picking up shells on the world famous beaches of Sanibel, Florida

Sand Flea Bite Treatment-my present I received from our vacation in Florida!!

Sand Flea Bite Treatment

As the name rightly suggests, sand fleas are mainly found in sand. So, beach goers must have a basic know-how about sand flea bites and the treatment for the condition.

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Bites on thigh from sandfly

Bites on thigh from Noseeum/Sandflea/Biting Midge. Use DEET 30

Yuck, who wants their vacation ruined by sand fleas? See how to avoid those pesky little creatures, here.

How to Avoid Sand Flea Bites on Your Caribbean Vacation

Tips on avoiding bug bites from the Sugar Bay all-inclusive resort in St. Thomas, who are proactive in making sure guests stay bug-bite free.