Pinetarts, Guyanese ♥  I wanna bake these for you ;) Show you I know a thing or two;)

Learn how to make Guyanese pine tarts in a step by step tutorial. This sweet treat is sweet pineapple jam in side of a flaky crust.

The Inner Gourmet: A Guyanese Flatbread: Sada Roti

A Guyanese Flatbread: Sada Roti - I remember the days when my mom would come home tired from work and still have to cook a delicious traditional meal for.

Guyanese Chicken Curry!!! Stemming from the Indian influences on Guyanese cuisine, curry has become a fundamental dish in our food culture. We curry just about anything.

The Inner Gourmet: Guyanese Chicken Curry. I believe the seasoning mentioned in the recipe is Green Seasoning.

The Inner Gourmet: Christmas Sponge Cake

Christmas Sponge Cake - Growing up, I always remembered my mom baking up a storm during Christmas time. Christmas cookies were never really a staple.