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Alice in Wonderland - Eat Me, Drink Me - Painting the Roses Red

Alice in Wonderland inspired tattoo design I made for a friend. Tattoo design L - Eat me Drink me

...Who's been painting my roses red?? Who's been painting my roses RED??

*ALICE in WONDERLAND, would make such an awesome wonderland themed sleeve. could also include the Cheshire Cat etc.

paint the roses red! Alice in Wonderland

paint the roses red! Alice in Wonderland <<< idk this also reminded me of Ib so.

Alice in Wonderland traditional

Alice in wonderland tattoos. i love the eat me and drink me but id want a different flower. like a traditional rose.

Alice In Wonderland Tattoo Idea. Like the concept, not necessarily all the chosen items.

Alice In Wonderland Tattoo Idea. Maybe replace the butterflies with roses and do the actual Cheshire tail instead of the sock?

#aliceinwonderland sketch of alice painting red roses white, through the looking glass, mirror frame

This is art work done by Katie Woodger.I have this as a tatt on my leg. Alice in Wonderland Art Disney Painting Red Roses Mirror Through The Looking Glass Books Lewis Carrol

Rose Tattoo. with were all mad here above// under, also on shoulder. next to plane white rose

Painting the Roses Red by Tee Jay - Have to keep the Queen of Hearts happy. so we are painting the roses red.