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I'm generally not fond of Christian-based things, but this was kinda cool

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Druids Prayer

chronarchy: May we know the shape of all things, and through their shapes, know their secret names. A Druid's Prayer

Goddess prayer beads

Goddess Prayer Beads: This prayer is done with a strand containing bead for Maiden Goddess, 13 white beads, bead for Mother Goddess, 13 red beads, and bead for Crone Goddess and 13 black beads.

pagan prayer flags  | Prayer Flag String - Healing Prayer Flag String - Global Peace Flags ...

Healing flags are beautiful and nurturing. Global Peace Flags inspire and promote peace. Interfaith banner celebrates all paths to God/Goddess

My daily prayer right now. This along with  Annie Lamott's two "Help me help me." and "Thank you thank you thank you."

Deep within the still centre of my being May I find peace. ~ Silently within the quiet of the Grove May I share peace. ~ Gently (or powerfully) within the greater circle of humankind May I radiate peace. ~~ Peace Prayer of Druids