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"Gorilla Tank" - Concept Robot Design by Ben Mauro - What an ART

130926 elysium concept art 12 映画『エリジウム』。本編に登場しなかったけど、カッコいいコンセプトアート。

Police Bot - Concept art from Aaron Beck for Elysium

concept robots: Concept robots by Nivanh Chanthara via PinCG.com

Start The Week With Some Sweet Sci-Fi Art

Private security contractor by Nivanh Chanthara. (via Private security contractor. by NivanhChanthara - Nivanh Chanthara - CGHUB)

266b607eb0728371ab05ca9769e8d5c4.jpg (236×544)

Concept of a robot or mechanized limb that has gadgets equipped and built into it in this case a gun.


Need some inspiration for the end of the day? check the art of Nivanh Chanthara, concept artist at Eidos Montreal