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"A flexible rapier made during the 19th century in Toledo, Spain."

A rapier, manufactured in the century by the technology of the old masters as a gift to one high-ranking person. Such exceptionally flexible rapiers were made in Toledo in the beginning of century. They were sold in gun shops and coiled.

Lorian LARP Glaive

Elves are known for their grace and skill, and it is that combination that makes this Lorian LARP Glaive so effective. It combines the length of a spear, the strength of a great sword, and the durability of a great LARP weapon.

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Toledo Swords Ancient Swords - Fine Quality Ancient Swords From .

A FINE RUSSIAN SILVER-MOUNTED AGATE HANDLED DAGGER   18TH CENTURY   With tapering single-edged spear-point blade with short false back-edge, the base of the hilt and forte encased within a silver collar engraved with scrollwork, decorative bands and foliage, characteristic faceted agate hilt with small engraved silver flower and button encasing the tang, in original black-leather-covered sheath with silver locket and chape engraved en suite with the collar

It's the only weapon that can kill Jace since he's an Arch Angel. He carries it on him at all times but no one knows where.

Swept-hilt sword for the Munich town guard, about 1600  Munich (southern Germany)

Swept-hilt sword for the Munich town guard, about 1600 Munich (southern Germany)