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Oh Papyrus...

the sun is not for fighting. We all love you and your enthusiasm but if you try and fight the sun, you will die. And we would not want that! Now, would we, Pap?

Undertale - TEMMIE


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Undertale Papyrus Hoodie

Undertale Papyrus Hoodie

A hoodie with high standards! This will be the one! This cosplay hoodie was…

grown up frisk undertale - Google Search

grown up frisk undertale (I ship frisk and asriel together)

[Undertale] Sparing With Monster Friends by inside-under on DeviantArt

There was this idea floating around that you could do some friendly sparring/training with your monster friends so, I made this! [Undertale] Sparring With Monster Friends

Undertale>>> It's Spirited Away! !!!!!!!

언더테일한 구오 on

Studio Ghibli/Undertale crossover, my little qts I love this art sm