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Kaneki x Touka by EysaaGFX on DeviantArt

Kaneki x Touka by EysaaGFX on DeviantArt tokyo ghoul

nao consigo parar de chorar

Kaneki Ken _Tokyo Ghoul>>>>>at first i was like 'oh this is kaneki's transformation i guess.' and then i was like 'wait-- whaa *cry a lot*'

Unravel by kyunpoo

wanted to paint kaneki with blood running down his face Unravel

We have demons within us.. sometimes they win us over and sometimes they don't

Tokyo ghoul fan art is honestly my favourite ever

kaneki x touka - Tìm với Google

Just sit here and think for a bit. Knowing how much the manga has trolled us so far, don't you think it'd be normal if Sasaki/Kaneki only saw Touka that one time in Tokyo Ghoul:re?

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I wanted to see him with white hair, but I didn't realize what he had to go through, this friggin anime had me feeling ten different emotions at the same time. /// the truest thing <<< regret wanting to see his white hair so bad!