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Badge Makes Art: Purple Teardrops I Cry....

Crying Eyes - Coloured by BadgeMakesArt on deviantART

If you are sad from a break up and been searching for Sad Love Poems or sad love songs? Description from ania-krajewska.blogspot.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

how yo do it? some times i wonder how you do it. how can you sit back, and watch your self. hurt someone so bad not feel any

brainy quotes courage Nelson Mandela Quotes Courage Wallpaper I Share

brainy quotes courage Nelson Mandela Quotes Courage Wallpaper I Share

So I just watched a movie called "Cyberbully" I think everyone should go watch it! It is an amazing story about how words do hurt... And that freedom is the right to do kind stuff not to hurt people

Stop bullying by Kristina Webb ---- Bullying takes many different forms, but the end result is the same. Buy jewelry at my Heartfelt Treasures Boutique and 10 percent of my commission goes to stop bullying.

hiding behind a smile_pencil art

I hide my pain from the world because I don't ever want to be a burden. My darkness, my battle.

pinterest ↠ rhettminor

True, monsters/demons are humans very factual post + haunting illustration of a materialized evil spirit .

"Tears" - not my photo, just so appropriate for the sad news today in Conn.

I'm not having my paint party till next year instead this year we're going to an amusement park!

Feb 25 | anti-bullying day. Pink shirt day, unite & wear pink. We are all guilty of being even mildly insensitive. Bullying has taken on a whole new life, no one is exempt from it, there are no boundaries for some people, & our major loss is loss of life, or even just broken spirits. Change is needed, we all have to do our part. #antibullying #antibullingday Spread happiness.

STOP BULLYING-Kristina Webb drawings People need to stop hating on others just because they're better or weaker than them. STOP BULLYING.