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The Teen Titans by Jamal Campbell. This is the best redesign concept I've seen in years. DC, get this man on the book! The roster is perfection.

Youngsters fighting for justice. Teen Titans, by Jamal Campbell. I love Cyborg, Raven, and Wonder Girl and Starfire in this!


Aquila_della_notte Comics Collections: The NEW 52 Story: Teen Titans [Parte

Teen Titans by Kenneth Rocafort

Will Pheifer and KENNETH ROCAFORT are debuting New Teen Titans in July (and Beast Boy is green again) red robin wonder girl beast boy raven bunker

Времена года - Бэтмен

Of course Batman hates summer - wearing a thick, full-body rubber costume makes ANY season pretty bad, but the humidity of summer would get to even the . View "The Worst Seasons For Batman Characters" and more funny posts on Dorkly


DC Comics Bombshells portadas variantes

“Wonder Woman Supergirl and Mera” - Justice League - Bombshells variant cover by Emanuela Lupacchino - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on s

Joker Comic Collage Giclee Print por ComicReliefOriginals en Etsy Omg i own thiz n the harley quinn one

Идеи для скетчбука: 4. Комиксы

~ batman wonder woman, & superman, because that's the only semi-decent superheroes DC has. ~ Pretty amazing art - DC COMICS by david despau