septum clicker medusa and cheeks

The cheek piercing or the dimple piercing may have amazing effects on your face, especially if your dimples are barely noticeable or you don't have any.

Star Ear Tattoo - I love the way a tattoo on ear cartilage looks && stars are my favorite thing ever! BTW this picture is almost an exact layout of the way I'd do my right ear (if I just went nuts) :))

Healed Philtrum with Pink opal Cabochon from Anatometal! In studio all day today until come by and let’s do something festive for October.

Beauty spots are a style classic. Create your own beauty marks with these vintage style tips from the and Century, the time of Marie Antoinette!

medusa piercing balls - Google Search

septum clicker, philtrum piercing, and vertical labret piercing. I adore the matching jewelry, the dark blue anodized titanium paired with the light blue opal is divine.