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Except you cut your palm, not your wrist. Lol I can just imagine, *cuts wrist to put blood in amity* well crap, *dies* XD

Shhh, I'm reading.

Less aggressive than your standard “Keep Out!” sign, this “Shhhh….I’m reading.” Door Hanger gently reminds others that you need your peace and quiet. Made of metal with a wire hanger. White x 3 sign.

...she never died. IT NEVER HAPPENED

[Allegiant Spoiler] i'm not crying or anything.after reading that part I thought "So do we call him Three now or what?" Or should he be two because Marcus doesnt scare him

Fourtris // Divergent

I love Theo James! Still not sold on Shailene Woodley as Tris, but Theo IS Four! (For the previous person who said that shai is not tris, please read the goddamn book and watch the movie. You will realize that shailene IS TRIS)

So cool to know the places in Divergent! Based in the windy city <3

I went to Chicago today and I was flippin out, I got to go on the ferris Wheel, and I loved it, I will never look at Chicago the same way again though.