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You bet I killed her! I was pissed. Have me running around the deep roads, solving dumb ghost puzzles and fighting brood mothers just so can go all golem on me? Nope, I'm not the one.

Well, next time don't blow up a freaking Chantry and maybe you will make the list.

I gotta say Dorian, because he wants to change things in good ways whereas Solas wants to destroy the world so ya know

Most fans towards Melisandre

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OP - Game of Thrones funny meme<<Basically forgiven the Red Woman. We still remember, though.

Hawke my spirit animal XD

Oh, Hawke lol well to be fair you do become Viscount if you side with the Templars so you kind of help. ^^^ i sided with the templars so i could keep fenris and I didn't become viscount.

maybe it's some weird dalish thing?

Bish I sent you off with level 20 armour where is your thank you card?

My Lavellan really did go "Hold up, you're asking a Dalish to do what now?" I like the incredulous dialogue options.

Josephine is also heir to her family merchant business and noble. Cassandra stands next to them too and is RH of the Divine, a noble in line to the throne, practically team mom.