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14 Ways the Elf on the Shelf Might Die...Okay ladies for those of you who actually read the descriptions on these pins...I LOVED this one!  We've all been there..Pastoral BURN Out!  People leaving church for stupid reasons...and then being defriended on Facebook...deacons resigning via e-mail....staff too....okay SO maybe YOU haven't been there...BUT I have.  Plotting and planning something this sinister tickled my funny BONE!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Beyond The Picket Fence: 12 Days of Christmas--Day 8
Mirror Ornaments - Fill the insides of the tree with these after putting on the lights. The sparkle will be tripled. - super awesome idea!
.We did the reindeer and Santa for our ladies group craft at church.
"Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen"
Wreath photo by jade95_2010
Christmas Soup for the Soul - Copyright (2006) Gem Eleanor Sahagun
Critics are everywhere. Here are Three Reasons People May Criticize You by kevinathompson.com. #criticism #attitudes #selfimprovement
Five People Who Should Read Friends, Partners & Lovers by Kevin A. Thompson.  #marriagebooks #marriage #marriagegoals #marriagehelp #marriagequotes #booksonmarriage #booksonrelationships #kevinathompson #friendspartnerslovers