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Europe's Royals — grandma-cult: All Hail the Queen Grandma

gross family, gross faces. thats honey boo boos family by the way.

Everyone in the ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Family will be Paid for Abandoned Season, Except for Mama June: Report

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Zoella and Miranda Sings

Lovely Zoella and funny Miranda sings sharing selfies together!

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When you wake up and lop at your phone in the dark.

Miranda Sings

itmeansforever: “ Day That Always Makes You Laugh I swear Colleen Ballinger (aka Miranda) is the funniest person in the entire planet ”

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ok so i was gonna go to her concert in PA but not anymore, which sucks:((

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Haha this makes me laugh cause I asked someone in my class do u know who Miranda sings is and they said I like football I don't like singing

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This is something Colleen said in one of her videos, and I love it!

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Comfy and cute