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"And you ask 'What if I fall?' Oh but darling, what if you fly?yes! And always, "what if. Just fly!

Never give up!

Love this horse quote! "It isn't about how many ribbons you win or how much money you make. Life's about doing something you love and never giving up.

I would NEVER put horse shoes on my horse. But u do u boo

this would be a cool quote as a tattoo and maybe a jumping horse and rider silhouette above it?- Not that I want a tattoo


as a tattoo but just saying "the hoofprints on my heart will never disappear/fade"


"I will dance in your dreams. I will gallop through your heart. I will plant hoofprints on your soul." ~ Unknown That I will !

The difficult horses are often the best teachers. Its so true. I had a horse named April. She was the worst horse at the start. By the time she died from an injury she was the best horse I ever could have had.