George Lois Nixon's Last Chance cover

Esquire Covers by George Lois

Ramparts, November 1966 Art director: Dugald Stermer Source: Babylon Falling

Interview: Dugald Stermer and Ramparts magazine

Selling Sex And Ax Murderesses: George Lois' Esquire Lady Covers

Selling Sex And Ax Murderesses: George Lois' Esquire Lady Covers

professional makeup/no makeup comparison. Lauren Hutton for Esquire, December 1968 // And to think that is minus photoshop.

Henry Wolf | Graphic Designer | Revel in New York created by Scott Newman & Marc Santo

Legendary photographer/art director Henry Wolf, who worked with photographers Richard Avedon, Melvin Sokolosky etc.

Henry Wolf, capa para Harper’s Bazaar, 1959. Imagem, distorcida pela refracção da água, é típica das soluções visuais criativas de Wolf para problemas comuns. Um detalhe subtil: refracção também no logotipo.

Henry Wolf, Harpers Bazaar cover, He later became the art director of Harper’s Bazaar, where he experimented with typography, making it large enough to fill the page on one spread and then using small headlines on other pages.

George Lois Esquire cover from 1965. Art forms on the cover pages.

Vintage and Modern Cover Art Forms

Bob Dylan, Malcolm X, Fidel Castro and John F. Esquire magazine cover by George Lois, September 1965

cMag117 - Colors Magazine cover "Religion Issue" / Tibor Kalman / Nº 8 / September 1994

Colors Magazine "Religion Issue" / Tibor Kalman and Oliviero Toscani / September 1994

George Lois's Kennedy cover is a very interesting picture because of they way its presented. you  have JFK's face in a magazine which is pretty good by it's self, but then you have someone doing his make up as if it was an early version of photoshop. but over its a pretty good piece overall

Esquire Covers by George Lois

John F Kennedy Esquire magazine cover by George Lois, June 1964

George Lois, creador de aquella inolvidable portada de Esquire

Esquire UK Anniversary Cover - this is 1 of many

Jean Shrimpton, Harper's Bazaar - April 1965

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