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Nature's Flu Shot and Cold Buster Juice --  Have you been having colds, flu-like symptoms, cough, and just feeling sick the entire day? Here's the recipe that can make it go away! Great for your kids as well.. and have a natural flu shot!
Cold Busting Coconut Gummies.  Loaded with natural turmeric, ginger and honey to help ward off colds and flu. Great for kids.
Make this easy and yummy All Natural Pineapple Cough Remedy Smoothie the next time you get a cough. Works wonders to boost the immune system too!
Thinking up for a fruit cleanse? Whether you’re cleansing, or simply looking to boost vitality, when it comes to cleansing and nourishing your body from the inside out, try the fruit cleanse, an effective way to cleanse the body and remove toxin
As hard as you try, it’s impossible to avoid every virus circulating during cold and flu season. That's why you need this "nature's flu…
Juice recipe for pain
Sleep is so essential to your general well-being. Without getting a good night’s rest, you have a risk of weakness, sickness, depression, hypertension and low energy. Sleep is the point at which your mind has sufficient time to “energize” and process your everyday activities. It is likewise when your body concentrates on recouping and rejuvenating ...
Stress Reliever, Prolonged negative emotions are detrimental to health. During this stressful time, this juice combo may help calm your nerves, improve your mood and sleep quality.
Col Flu and Sleep Gummies  1 1/4 cup tart cherry juice (where to find) 4 Tbsp unflavored gelatin (where to find) 1/4 cup Elderberry syrup (get the recipe here) 2 Tbsp raw honey (where to find)
How to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection