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EXO and BTS are friendly towards each other, so fandoms should do the same! | ARMY-L FANDOM~!

Btw, I'm gonna sail on Baekhyun x Jimin ship from now on

Imagine the boys coming over your house to go in your pool and this was Taehyung's reaction to you in your bathing suit.

Makes u feel like ur having a mini heart attack! HAHA V!

"YESSSSS THE SILENT EVIL LEO STRIKES AGAIN" VIXX, Leo being evil...the timing was awesome. Lol that smile at the end!

Haha yes silent evil Leo strikes again lol so cute xD kekeke ❤

Miałam to w planach dawno temu, ale dopiero teraz się za to zabrałam.… #losowo # Losowo # amreading # books # wattpad

Reakcje BTS

"When you try to choose you bias but you bias chooses you" Literally, J-Hope, give me a chance XD ok le'mme luv u I know i already pinned this, BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH! JHOPEEEE SO CUTE >w< he's not my bias in Bts, but I still love him so muchhhh

Same, Jimin>.<   Why does it feel like that was the ultimate insult!!!???

RM: If I'm basketball shoes, your just flip-flops.

"LOL SO CUTE. I love how v's reaction was automatic LOLOL" Jungkook is Like Regretting all His Life's Decisions Haha Aw

& SO CUTE. I love how v& reaction was automatic LOLOL& Jungkook is Like Regretting all His Life& Decisions Haha Aw