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HA & Then lassie was like "I actually didn't know that; Interesting fact about the donkeys.

I don't think there's a fictional character I love more than Leo McGarry.

I've fired more people than you before breakfast - Leo McGarry. The West Wing.

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mostly about JAMES McAVOY and more "I'm 5 foot and I've got pasty white skin.

Jimmy Kimmel's 'I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy' Challenge Yields Hilarious Results..."dad, you're ugly" AND the last two kids are THE BEST!!!!  This is so funny!

WATCH: What Happens When You Tell Kids You Ate Thier Halloween Candy

This is so funny! Last year Jimmy Kimmel told his viewers to send in videos of parents telling their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy. This kid's reactions are so funny. Love the kids at the end!

I love doing this

one of my fave things about psych.I say suck it all the time. And my sister jumps right into the song with me.

wet bar of soap? totally thinking downton abbey.

For all we know, he just slipped off the balcony and fell. In that case, we should all be looking for a banana peel. Or roller skates. Perhaps a wet bar of soap. Although that last one seems the least likely of the three.