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I came incredibly close to peeing my pants after looking through these pictures. Be warned.

He's seen some . The cat is still watching that mouse eat its food. Cat Shaming He's seen some The cat is still watching that mouse eat its food

Friends Forever.....unless the cat is trying to gain the rats trust and then slowly kill it........just slowly

Funny pictures about One Totally Useless Cat. Oh, and cool pics about One Totally Useless Cat. Also, One Totally Useless Cat.

Why It Matters: "At the still point of the turning world ... there the dance is." So Eliot tells us, and though he never told us that this is what it would look like, this is essentially how we imagined it.

The 100 Most Important Cat Pictures Of All Time

Cats are good dancer Cats know how to dance better than dogs. If you don’t have a dance partner, you can dance with your cat. = 25 Reasons why Cats are better than Dogs

<b>Que ça leur serve de leçon.</b>

Ce chien qui commence à regretter d'avoir accepté de prendre un bain.

This dog hates water in his ears. Owner found solution which I find hilarious! But glad the dog is happy! My dog could use this too!

Overly attached kitten - Funny kitten lying behind a laptop with only the head sticking out: "Why are you on the internet looking at other cats?"

Funny pictures about Overly Attached Kitty. Oh, and cool pics about Overly Attached Kitty. Also, Overly Attached Kitty.

Funny Cats - this is tigger and Oli

Bengal Cat Breeds

Oh crap, here he comes. Can I come in the box? No, you won't fit. You are too fat. I've been eating salad. The box isn't big enough. This box is plenty big. You are crushing me. I told you so.

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 21 Pics

Cat Wars for the warm spot.--My friend thought putting a heating pad under the cat house was a nice thing to do. Little did my friend know the war she had just started. To the victor, goes the warm spot.


This Is Soooo Funny! Dog thinks it needs to wait in line for a treat. So funny but adorable at the same time lol.This Is A Good Doggie!My Dog Would Be Like Forget This.I'm Going To the Front of the Line.

My current resident felines eat ONLY cat good.  When I get "new" kittens, I may have to try this though.  Introduced my cat to popsicles…

Introduced my cat to popsicles…

This hard-hitting interview:

This hard-hitting interview:

Funny Cat Interview Meme Joke Picture - Sir are you aware you are a cat?