Hahahahhaha sounds like my posts!

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When I hear someone talking about fitness!  9Round in Northville, MI is a 30 minute full body workout with no class times and a trainer with you every step of the way! Visit www.9round.com/fitness/Northville-Michigan or call (734) 420-4909 if you want to learn more!

Thats me LOL I try so hard not to butt in on random strangers convo's :D

Gym humor...no skipping leg day!

How many times can you train legs in a week for optimal results? Post your answers below:

This face, followed by a "shut the fuck up" as I walk by.

"The face you make when guys at the gym scream with every rep.

This just made me laugh...and maybe part of it is how much I love the original Dumb and Dumber

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Omg yes yes yes yes yes! I need a one man wolf pack shirt for the gym

Gym humor one woman wolfpack!

Gym rat                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Gym rat More

Get Paid to try anything from household supplies to gourmet food!

Get Paid to try anything from household supplies to gourmet food!


Just got to the gym, left my headphones funny gym fitness meme workout exercise workout quotes exercise quotes fitspiration

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Man that sucks.